Designing / Engineering

Every wheel from the ESR 3 piece line is designed, engineered and cut in-house. 
Using the best programs in our industry to help us design wheels with zero compromises on creativity and quality.
After the design process is complete we run FEA Strength testing on every single design and application to ensure the highest strength and lightest weight that we can achieve with maximum lip sizes.

Choosing The Best Material

After the Design Process is complete, we must choose the correct forging that will work with each order and specification. An advantage that we have over other 3 piece companies is that we stock all our material in house to reduce lead times as much as possible! We use 100% American Aero Space Grade Aluminum (6061 T6 Forged).
this allows us to achieve the best strength and weight ratio.

Shaping the Forging

Once the order is engineered to fit the specific vehicle, and the material has been chosen, we then need to form the wheel design into its profile shape. This is done by using the best Lathe machines in the industry. The Lathe process shaves off excess material and forming the profile of the wheel, eliminating as much weight as possible.


After the profile has been formed the wheels are then taken to a our American Made CNC Mills to bring the design to life. using over 20 different tools to cut into the aluminum, the design of the wheel comes to life.


Once the Milling Process is complete, we then prep the wheels for powder coat. This allows us to deburr any rough edges and surfaces prior to powder coating to ensure the highest quality finish as possible. After the wheels are prepped they are emerged into an Ultra-Sonic Cleaning process using electricity waves and a special solution that cleans the wheels so we can guarantee the best finishes possible.
The possibilities are endless with 9,000+ different colors to choose from.

Quality Control

The final stage in our process is quality control and assembly.
Once the wheels are assembled, we true the wheels on a Dial Indicator machine to ensure the wheels are not out of round and are balanced 100% before we torque them down to spec and seal.
This allows us to offer a life time Leak-Free Warranty
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