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Powder Coating services can be purchased with your set of wheels Directly through ESR WHEELS. The powder coating process takes a minimum of 10-20 business days. When ordering your wheels, please provide the color of the powder coat, so that we are better able to deliver your product the way you want it in a timely manner.


To View Stage 1 Finishes CLICK HERE

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What Is Powder Coating?           

Powder coating is a process in which free-flowing, dry powder is applied to the wheels. The coating is applied electrostatically and then is cured under heat to allow for it to form a “skin”. The powder is a thermoplastic or a thermoset polymer, which is used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint. The main difference is between conventional liquid paint and power coating is that the powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binder and the filler parts in liquid suspension form. A powder-coated surface is typically a flawless finish with a rougher texture, and brings a unique and customized look for your car. With quality finishes, meticulous preparation, and work, our powder coating manufacturing company guarantees a 7 year warranty.           


The powder coating process takes 10-20 business days.  When ordering your wheels, please provide the color of the powder coat, so that we are better able to deliver your product the way you want it in a timely manner.  Please utilize our "Finishes" page and our gallery to help you better decide the look you want for your unique and customized wheels!



















All products require professional installation. Minor adjustments may be required for installation of products. Buyer assumes all responsibilities for installation and usage of products upon purchase. Many different applications and mounting options are available for All products.

ESR Wheels does not assume responsibility for compatibility of products, application compatibility, or provided installation assistance or guidance.

ESR Wheels will only accept returns based on manufacture defects as inspected and approved by ESR Wheels officers, directors, employees, salesman, agents, partners, members, and owners. Customer is required to cover full shipping costs to return the item to ESR Wheels. Upon receiving the damaged item ESR Wheels staff will inspect and determine the damage for usage or manufacture defects. In the event that the item has been approved as a manufacture defect a replacement as well as reimbursement of original shipping costs will be sent to the purchaser.

All custom paint orders are FINAL and only upon immediate notification shipping damages shall be replaced. Any damages that occur after arrival of the custom painted item must be handled as a customer error and will be tended to as ESR Wheels staff approves. Buyer assumes all responsibility of contacting ESR Wheels purchased from within three (3) days of receiving the item listing all damages as well as providing images. Some small imperfections are inevitable. Pictures are required to clearly display any true defects on products for return.

Returns concerning items with no damages are subject to 30% restocking fee unless otherwise agreed upon by ESR Wheels staff members. Shipping costs to the customer, as well as from the customer, are not applicable for refund. There are no returns for any items that have been used, modified, painted, or installed. All products returned must be in the original shipping carton in the same condition as it was originally delivered or shipped. Only the original buyer may request for a return of the products.

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